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Land Clearing & Mulching

When it comes to land clearing and mulching, having the right equipment can make the difference between a routine clearance and a sentence to hard labour.

Our fleet of excavators are all fitted with stump shears and grabs, loaders and traxivators with root rakes.

We also offer heavy duty, high volume tub grinders capable of grinding all Australian hardwood and green waste of any size, anywhere in the state.

Our tree shears are designed to split large logs and tree stumps up to two metres in diameter into manageable sizes so that the Grass Growers Mobile Grinders can reduce them to mulch.

Solid waste like this was once used for landfill or burnt. Now it can be turned into
a useful product ideal for soil stabilisation, landscaping projects and for blending into composting products.

Streamlining the process in this way will also make a huge difference to your workload and to your deadline.  

Also available for hire and contract work.

Please contact Grass Growers if you would like more information about land clearing and mulching.
We're also available for contract or hire work! Enquire now